My favourite filming spots in Prague

Today, I would like to talk about my favourite filming spots in Prague where I mostly do time-lapses. My first spots I mainly around Charles Bridge and Prague castle. The locations are in no particular order.

  1. The Charles bridge crowd – What I love to do on Charles bridge is to set up my tripod in the very center of the bridge and timelapse the crowd waddling by the camera at 10x speed. This spot is probably my personal favourite.
  2. Vltava river below Charles bridge – I have not tried this spot in the summer yet, but I am planning to. The blue skies, the blue water, the boats, it’s the perfect spot for a 20x time-lapse. It is possible to catch the citizens on Charles bridge marching across Charles bridge.
  3. Night time road from the roof of the dancing house – Next up on the list we have another personal favourite of mine. I have no words about this view other than one piece of advice. If you want to pursue this position, I would advise you to record at this point during or after the sunset at 10x – 20x speed.
  4. Sidewalk Na Příkopě – This beautiful vantage point is true perfection when you catch the suns movement. If you capture this jaw-dropping point-of-view at the correct moment, it is true gold.
  5. Prague castle – In my opinion any filming location in Prague castle is awesome. I tried time-lapsing the inside of the cathedral and got a pretty good outcome. Prague castle is a great place to go and is perfect for time-lapses considering there is a lot of people there.


I would like to thank everyone that visited this blog for coming.

First, I want to tell you something about myself. I am a photography and cinematography enthusiast. I have been living life for a total of twelve years, so I’ve got a lot ahead of me. I own many skills with one of them being video editing. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC as my main editing software. I’m planning to learn some After Effects in the future, considering the effect capability of Premiere Pro. Anyway, I recently fell in love with going out into the beautiful city of Prague with my dad to do some time-lapses. Along with taking my dad comes my camcorder and tripod. My current equipment includes my video camera: Canon Legria HF R76 and my Manfrotto tripod (MT190GOC4TB). Soon I hope I will be able to afford a Canon 1300D (Rebel T6). I have created an Envato account not long ago so I would appreciate if you would stop by there and possibly purchase my craft.

Once again I would love to thank all of you for stopping by and taking your time to read this post.